What is RACELAB™?

RACELAB™ Video Tuning Analysis by Dig Race Products has been launched with the goal of redefining the process of shock tuning and set up changes.

Over the past few years we have spent a lot of time on the phone with customers to help them dial in their shock packages or car set up. Often times though it can be difficult to truly explain and understand what the car handling symptoms are or what the track conditions were like during a particular session throughout the night.

With our all new RACELAB™ Tuning Analysis - you can now upload your in-car video directly to us so that we can see exactly what you're describing.

What does this mean for you the racer?

We’re essentially riding along with you during any time that you’re on the race track. This video can be recorded with a roll bar mounted GoPro or any equivalent action style camera. With the uploaded video we are able to pause, rewind and replay different on track situations. This allows everyone to sit down and take a closer look at what the next shock or set up change should be to improve the handling or speed of the car.

What do you need?

All you need is a GoPro or equivalent action camera to record during your time on track. Although instructions will be provided - the goal is to have the view of the camera able to see your hands along with looking forward out of the car. For uploading the video you simply need a Google e-mail account with access to Google Drive.

What does RACELAB™ cost?

Using RACELAB™ is free to any Dig shock customer! We encourage all of our customers to sign up for RACELAB™ and submit their in car footage if they are looking to further tune on their shock program.
Recommended shock calibration changes along with basic set up changes will be provided at no cost to you. If you’re looking for a more in-depth complete car set up or at the track driver coaching then that would fall under our RACELAB Pro™ Program.

What is RACELAB Pro™?

RACELAB Pro™ is a consulting based service that uses the same in car video technology and combines it with in person Full Set Up Analysis and tuning along with at track Driving Analysis and Coaching.

RACELAB Pro™ is a great option for racers of all experience levels that are looking for an extra set of eyes or opinions on their program. Pricing varies depending on the level of involvement in your program so please feel free to give us a call at 607-218-6282.


Sign Up For RACELAB™ Today!

This service is available for any customer that runs Dig shocks and would like our help! After completing the form below instructions for video upload will be sent to your e-mail. The process is simple! If you have a google email address then you can use RACELAB™.


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