Left Rear Speed Chain Assembly (1/2

Left Rear Speed Chain Assembly (1/2" Bolt On)

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What does a limit chain do? 

  • Stops the suspension's travel before the shock reaches full extension. (Topping a shock out can cause internal damage.)
  • Adjusts the total amount of allowable chassis roll. It is important to note that traction creates roll, roll does not create traction. Being able to easily adjust this can help achieve a more balanced race car. 
  • Maintains load at the left rear tire by limiting how far the torsion bar/spring can extend. The more it extends the "lighter" the tire becomes. 
  • The internal spring helps cushion the abrupt stopping of motion that commonly occurs when topping a shock out without a limit chain installed. This helps the tire maintain traction during full chassis roll.

This kit comes with all mounting hardware and brackets needed for installation. The chain is cut to length depending on your mounting brackets and chassis. Please note that for cars without the factory 1/2" slug a ballast/accessory clamp can be used for mounting as well. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1/2" Bolt on Heim  
  • 3.0" Axle Tube Mount Bracket
  • Left Rear Speed Chain Housing 
  • 18 inches of 3/16 Chain (Yield strength of 2,400 lbs) 
  • 18 inches of black shrink wrap 
  • Installation Instructions 

Shock calibration goes hand and hand with this product. If you are interested in having your shocks revalved click here for more information. 

For any additional questions regarding this product feel free to email us at info@digraceproducts.com! 





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