Pilot Series Specs

Key Features:

2.0” Dia. Bodies are gun drilled, honed and hard anodized to decrease drag and increase damper efficiency.

1/2” Dia. Micro-Polished Chrome Shafts to minimize rod pressure.

Large volume Internal Floating Piston (IFP) nitrogen chamber to minimize pressure build throughout the shock’s travel. 

Internal Floating Piston utilizes dual o-rings with a wear band to ensure limited "Stick Slip" and minimize hysteresis created from lag in the IFP's movement. 

Three port Optimal Flow Pistons (OFP) designed to minimize hysteresis and maximize the shock’s response and driver feel. Available in both Linear and Digressive Options.

Precision spring steel deflective valve shims with proprietary heat treatment to ensure consistency and Fade Free performance.

"Air+Bleed" Screw for gravity or vacuum shock bleeding. 

Carbon fiber lined Spherical Heim Bearings 

Oval Track 7® Racing Suspension Fluid

Available in both 7” and 9” strokes