Over the Phone Set Up Consultation

Over the Phone Set Up Consultation

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Are you looking to improve your race program in the most economical way? Try out our new phone consultation services. The advertised price below is for one hour of over the phone consultation. Feel free to prepare any questions you may have about your vehicle set up, shocks, or driving help. 

One way that we have found to be most effective is to first have someone take a video of you racing. This can be a heat race or feature, basically any laps around the track. This will help us determine what you need to go better and also be able to point certain things out to you. All videos or video links can be emailed to us at info@digraceproducts.com. 

Facetime audio and video calls are also available for long distance customers 

Once purchased we will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time to talk 



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